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Theology and Ministry

This award provides an education in theology, ministry and mission in and for a variety of contexts. It is particularly suited to anyone who might be thinking seriously about their faith and would like to explore the theological disciplines, particularly ministry and mission, on a deeper level. Those discerning a call to lay or ordained ministry will find it especially relevant. No prior study of theology is required.

Summary of Major Topics:

  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Elementary New Testament Greek
  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew
  • Christian Tradition
  • Introduction to Christian Doctrine and History
  • Ministry & Mission
  • Elements of Ministry and Mission in Context
  • Creating New Christian Communities
  • Introduction to Aspects of Pastoral Care
  • Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • Introduction to Christian Worship
  • Theological Reflection & Reflective Practice
  • Foundations for Theology and Reflective Practice
  • Integrative Learning for Collaborative Practice
  • Marks of Mission
  • Foundations for Reflective Practice in Context
  • Values, Policy and Practice in Children and Family Work
  • Values, Policy and Practice in Youth Work

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