Logistics, Material And Supply Chain Management

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Logistics, Material And Supply Chain Management

This program provides a thorough understanding of logistics and supply chain management. It covers planning, organizing and controlling logistics activities, how to develop competitive strategies and make good decisions to ensure products are available at the right time and place, in the right condition, profitably and cost effectively, and how to manage transport.

Major topics covered: Topics:

  • Module 1: Background to logistics and supply chains, value and value chains.
  • Module 2: Logistics, supply chain and customer service strategy.
  • Module 3: The marketing and logistics relationship and interface.
  • Module 4: Products and logistics factors.
  • Module 5: Sourcing and procurement, suppliers and purchasing.
  • Module 6: Receipts, inbound logistics, warehousing
  • Module 7: Stock/inventory control, and order processing.
  • Module 8: Transportation methods, transport management.
  • Module 9: Operations management and production in supply chains
  • Module 10: Lean logistics and supply chain management, and agile supply chains.
  • Module 11: Distribution and distribution centres, and reverse logistics.
  • Module 12: Logistics and project management; humanitarian and disaster/emergency management.

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